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About Open Book

The concept is that of a digital book that never ends, where contributions will form the core content of a small curated selection of artists and writers that will subsequently be opened to the public. This project, based on a new dynamic technology, will redefine the participatory nature of NFTs; and, in turn, rethink the notion of a book as a finite and complete volume comprised of text and image. As more people get involved—by buying NFTs that enable them to add to the original content of the book—all of the existing NFTs that are part of the project will be steadily transformed over time. In other words, the NFTs are always in a state of flux, constantly expanded upon and growing with each and every addition in an organic fashion. Like life, the book will be subject to change, unlike life, the process will last indefinitely.

Anyone can share their take/commentary/doodle by submitting a short text/image through this form: